How to get Audacious

Join Audacious in 3 easy steps. We’re available from summer 2019.

Here’s how it works:

Yellow hand tapping blue keyboard space bar

Step 1: Take our Sound Check 
Test your hearing and listen to how calls could sound with Audacious.

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Step 2: Register your interest
Be at the front of the queue for clearer calls. We’ll let you know as soon as the service is available. Plus, we’ll give you your first month free!

Number 3 - cartoon calendar with the words 'Summer 2019' written on it

Step 3: Switch this summer 
Our service will be available from summer 2019.

  • Switch – simply call your existing service provider and let them know you’d like to switch.
  • Keep your number – it’s yours to keep, wherever you go.
  • Start enjoying clearer calls – only from Audacious. 

You're one step closer to easy, clearer calls

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