How Audacious works

At Audacious, we know one size was never made to fit all. That goes for mobile phone calls, too.

So we created a world-first technology that personalises your mobile calls to suit your hearing. We developed it with leading audiologists and co-created it alongside customers like you.

Think of it this way: Audacious works exactly the way your current mobile service does – with minutes, data, and the rest – but we make your calls clearer, too.

Clearer calls to suit your hearing ability

Whether it’s because you’re in a crowded place, or because of your hearing ability, mobile phone calls aren’t always easy.

Why? Because when sound travels over your mobile network, it loses some of its definition. When this happens, we lose the highest and lowest frequencies, making it harder to hear the person we’re talking to.

That’s where our technology comes in. It understands your hearing ability and improves the clarity of speech on your calls to suit your personal hearing profile.

Here’s how it works:

Step One
Take our Sound Check, a no-hassle hearing test, and we'll create your hearing profile. You can re-take the test anytime, too.

Step Two
Order your SIM card. We’ll load your unique hearing profile on it and send it to you. Get ready for clearer calls.

Step Three
Whenever you have a mobile call, our technology will clarify it. It’ll do this by adjusting the sound to the frequency you hear at best. Smart, right?

The best bit? 
You don’t need a fancy new phone. Once you’ve taken the test, got your SIM and set up your account, you’re good to go. What's more, you can use it with or without a hearing aid.

Discover your personal hearing profile today

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