The benefits

Could your mobile calls be clearer? If so, we can help with that. 

How? By improving the clarity of speech every time you have a call. Because we want to make sure that, no matter what, you can pick up the phone and connect.

A sound connection 

We all experience the world differently. We all hear things differently, too.

Which is why our technology clarifies your mobile calls to match your personal hearing profile. This makes it easier to hear the person you're talking to every time you have a call.

So you can enjoy everything you do with your current mobile service – minutes, data, and texts – with clearer calls, too. 

Clearer calls, simply.  

  • Clearer mobile calls anywhere, anytime
  • 9/10 people experience clearer mobile phone calls
  • Keep your current mobile or use any phone you like
  • We are powered by the UK’s biggest 4G mobile network 

1. It’s time to hear the difference 
Everyone’s been there – you have a call in a busy place and can’t hear the person on the end of the line. Or, it's tricky to hear high or lower pitched voices. Either way, our technology makes your mobile calls clearer.

2. Using whichever phone you like 
You don’t need a new mobile phone to join us. In fact, you can use whatever phone you like, because we’ll store your hearing profile on the SIM card we send you. Slip your SIM into the phone you’re using right now and begin having clearer calls.

3. Nothing to see, only to hear
Because our technology works to clarify your mobile calls via your Audacious SIM card, you don’t need other physical devices to go along with it – no hearing aids or fiddly bits. So, only the people you want to tell about your Audacious service will know.

4. Your hearing changes, so our technology keeps up  
Our hearing needs change. And whenever you get a new phone, the way it delivers sound will differ, too. Which is why you can re-take the Sound Check any time. We’ll tweak your hearing profile so you can keep having clearer calls. Simple.

Discover your personal hearing profile today

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