How should I take the Sound Check?

If this is your first time taking the Sound Check, we would suggest that you take the it in the same way that you normally make calls. For example, if that includes a hearing aid, then try it that way first to get a good comparison. If you wanted to try without an aid, you can always do that after. The Sound Check can be taken as many times as you like.

The Sound Check specifically measures how you hear over a mobile phone, so it is not necessary to remove a hearing aid before a test, as often happens with a standard audio examination. But if you feel more comfortable with taking the test that way, then that is fine too.

Our Sound Check takes place over your own mobile phone. If you are worried about the Sound Check affecting your hearing, then you can pull the phone away from your ear or hearing device. If you have any concerns related to a pre-existing condition, we would advise you speak to your audiologist or doctor.

You should always use the service in the same way that you took the Sound Check. If you do the test with a hearing aid, then that's how you should make and receive calls once you have an Audacious SIM. This way you will get the correct level of audio adjustment based on the way that you use the phone.

And remember you can re-do the Sound Check and update your profile whenever you wish. In fact, we find people often get the best profile the second or third time that they try the Sound Check. We recommend that you always re-take the Sound Check every 6 months, or when you get a new hearing aid or handset.

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