What is a data roaming cap?

If you’re travelling abroad and you’d like to stay in control of your roaming costs, you can set a data roaming cap. Each Audacious SIM comes with a €50 international roaming cap already in place. To turn it off, simply call our Customer Care Team by dialling 150 from your Audacious mobile or call 01604 266 466 from any other phone. 

We’ll text you when you’re near your limit and if you reach it. That way you have total peace of mind on your travels. If you have already set a spend limit, less than your international roaming cap, on your account, you will hit this before your roaming limit to help you to manage the cost.

When you arrive at your destination you will receive a text which will include the roaming charges that will apply in the country you are in, so you know exactly what you are spending.

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