Premium rate services

Premium rate service Code of Practice

This Code of Practice sets out information about premium rate services and non-geographic numbers.

  • Premium Rate Services

Premium rate service calls are typically to numbers prefixed [090, 091]. You may also access premium rate services by text to a four- or five-digit access code followed by a key word.

Premium rate services are typically provided by service providers who are responsible for the content or goods and services provided.

When you call a premium rate service, we will ensure your call is passed to the premium rate service provider. The charge for the service will be applied to your account with us. We will retain a percentage of the revenue from the premium rate service, although the larger percentage is retained by the premium rate service provider.

Calls to premium rate services are generally higher than calls to geographic numbers. You can contact us if you want to find out the cost of calling a particular premium rate service on 01604 266 466.

We don’t currently offer a facility to bar calls to premium rate services.

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) regulates premium rate services through its code of practice. The premium rate service provider is typically responsible for complying with much of the requirements of the code of practice. You can direct enquiries and complaints to the PSA, who may then investigate and issue sanctions for breach of the code. The PSA also offers a service checker service, to identify the premium rate service provider providing a particular premium rate service. You can contact the PSA on their Freephone number 0300 30 300 20 and access their website (which also has an online complaint form) at

  • Non-Geographic Numbers

Non-geographic numbers are not tied to a geographic destination and generally begin with [084, 087 e.g. 0845 or 0870]. Calls to directory enquiry services (118) are also non-geographic services.

Typically if you call these numbers your charge will be split into two parts: an access charge of £0.25 including VAT payable to us for making the call, and a service charge which is set by and paid to the provider of the service you are calling.

In our Pricing Guide,we show the service charge alongside the standard access charges payable by you. Calls to such numbers are not included in your bundle allowance. Call us on 01604 266 466 to find out the cost of a specific non-geographic service.

Calls to numbers beginning 03 are charged at the same rate as you pay to call a geographic number e.g. a number beginning 01 or 02, and calls to such numbers are included in your bundle allowance.

Calls to numbers beginning 070 (called personal numbers) are charged at a higher rate. In our Pricing Guide we show the charges payable by you. Calls to personal numbers are not included in your bundle allowance.

  • Contact Us

If you have any queries about the information in this Consumer Code of Practice, or the charges in your bill, or want to request a hard copy of this Code, please contact us on: 01604 266 466.

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