My calls are not clearer

Let’s help you fix things fast. Here are some things that you can try:

  • Have you registered with Audacious and set up My Account online? This helps us build the hearing profile we use to make your calls clearer.
  • Make sure that your Audacious Sound is turned on. You can check this on your Audacious Sound Dashboard.
  • Try adjusting the sound on your mobile phone, make sure that it is at the same level it was when you took the Sound Check.
  • You should always use the service in the same way that you took the Sound Check. For example, if you did the Sound Check with a hearing aid, then that's how you should make and receive calls with your Audacious SIM. This way you will get the correct level of adjustment based on the way that you use the phone.
  • Try to take the Sound Check in the quietest place possible, without distractions or background noise.

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