Your online mobile bill explained

It’s easy to see what you're using and spending by having a quick look at your Audacious bill.

All your monthly calls, texts and data are itemised. Not sure what you're looking at? We'll take you through your bill below. 

Your bill explained:

  1. Your name and address will appear here.
  2. If you do not have a direct debit set up we will remind you to do so here.
    If you have a direct debit set up you will only see the amount due and the date of collection.
  3. If you have any outstanding payments they will be shown here.
    The amount due is what is payable at the time of this bills creation.
  4. This will display your bill date. For example, this bill was generated at midnight on the 4th and so will take into account all charges ranging from the previous month's bill generation date, until 23:59pm on the 3rd.
  5. If you have any outstanding charges from your last bill you will be told so here. The usage for any old charges will not be included or shown on this bill.
    If you have no outstanding balance you will see: “We received your Direct Debit payment of [£xx.xx] on [Date], thank you.”.
  6. This will display all your usage within the bill period, split by calls, SMS (text) and data as well as your original allowance. You will also be shown any charges outside of allowance, for example: premium rate services, calls or texts abroad and data roaming.
  7. This part will show you your monthly tariff charge and any extra balance to pay. The most important part is your total charges as that is what will be payable that month (including any outstanding payments as shown on the first page).

  8. The next pages will be separate itemised lists of your call usage, your SMS (text) usage, and your data usage. All of your usage will be shown in an ordered list by time and date.

    Please note: usage is not split by in bundle and out of bundle usage. If you have any out of bundle usage you will have to go back in time and date to find them within the list.

  9. On the last page of your bill, there are some useful tips and advice to help you understand your bill. Like some jargon explained, how to change your bank account details and how to get in touch.

    If you need any help along the way, just give our Help Team a call on 150 from your Audacious mobile or on 0330 135 9700 from any other phone.

    Alternatively you can view our other help pages.

Your Audacious Mobile bill: Page 1

Your Audacious Mobile bill: Page 2

Your Audacious Mobile bill: page 3

Your Audacious Mobile bill: Final page

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