What if I go over my monthly allowance?

With Audacious, it’s easy to stay in control of what you’re spending. Once you’ve used 90% of your allowance, we’ll text you to let you know. When you’ve used it all up, we’ll text you again.

To help manage your data usage, you can also purchase a data add-on. You can buy an Add-on by logging into your Audacious account, under 'Audacious Add-ons'.

After that, you’ll pay the standard rate for calls, texts and data

Alternatively you can set up a personalised Spend Limit. You can set this up in your account under 'My spend limit'. Or call our Customer Care Team on 150 from your Audacious mobile or 01604 266 466 from any other phone.

If you’ve set up a personalised Spend Limit and used that all up too, you won’t be able to make any extra calls, texts or data until your allowance refreshes the following month. That way, you can stay in complete control of your spending. 

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