Our story

At Audacious, we know that everyone hears the world differently. That's why we've created a world first technology that tailors mobile calls to your hearing.

Back to the beginning

Ten years ago, Matthew Turner, our founder, had an idea that would lead to Audacious. But our story goes back much further.


To hear and be heard

Since childhood, Matthew experienced 80% hearing loss. He faced what most people with hearing loss do: not just the challenge of hearing, but of being heard.

A connection

But this isn’t a story of adversity – it’s a story of overcoming it. Matthew became an expert in hearing loss while forging a successful career in finance. But he was driven by the urge to do more.

connected people


A sound idea

Realising mobile calls were a huge part of human connection, Matthew founded Goshawk Communications. The idea was simple: a mobile service that makes your mobile calls clearer. The execution? Less simple, because it had never been done before.

Making it happen

Matthew met with Professor Brian Moore and Doctor Michael Stone, two of the world’s leading Hearing Scientists.

The team worked together to develop a way to test and improve hearing ability over the phone. This allowed them to create tailored sound profiles.

Personal hearing profile

Yellow SIM card with long and short wave lengths

The start of clearer calls

The trick was to develop a technology that, working on your mobile phone, would clarify calls in a way that matched your unique hearing and phone. That’s just what we did.

The goal? By measuring how you hear with your phone, we can build a personal sound profile in the network. Now you could have a regular mobile phone contract with the benefit of clearer calls. A phone service that allows you to hear the difference.

Testing, testing

Next, Goshawk worked together with people of varying hearing abilities to build a solution that met everyone’s needs. After many years of rigorous testing, our technology achieved Class 1 Medical Device Certification by the EU. It worked, 9/10 people heard the difference – clearer mobile calls that made for easier communication.

9 out of 10 people hear the difference

Audacious Mobile logo and Manx telecom logo

Audacious is born

Seeing the potential on the Isle of Man, Manx Telecom wanted more people to hear the difference, with a UK launch.

They created a new business for the UK. It was an audacious move, so it was important to pick the right name. We hope we live up to it!

It’s time to hear the difference

Human connection is profoundly important. Every one of us should have the chance to pick up the phone and connect comfortably.

Which is why we’re making clearer mobile calls possible for you, and the thousands of people with hearing loss across the UK.

So you can be a part of the conversation, every time.  

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