About Audacious

We are Audacious. 

Our mission is to deliver clearer mobile calls to people, empowering everyone to be part of the conversation. 

What we stand for

We’re aiming to change the way everyone communicates for good. We’re here to make clearer mobile calls possible for you, and the thousands of people across the UK.

It all started here

We know that everyone hears differently. And hearing over your mobile can be the hardest of all. So we worked with two of the world’s leading Hearing Scientists to develop technology that fixes that. It adapts the call frequencies to the way you hear on your mobile.

What we offer

Clearer calls, adapted to your hearing. We offer a SIM-only mobile phone service, using the network with the fastest speeds in the UK. Now you can have a regular SIM only mobile phone contract, with the benefit of clearer calls. In clinical trials, 9 out of 10 people experienced clearer calls with our service.

Award-winning, world-first, technology

Don’t just take our word for it, Audacious and Goshawk Ltd won an award for most innovative MVNO at the MVNO World Congress held in Amsterdam in June 2018. Our technology has also achieved Class 1 Medical Device Certification by the EU.

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